What we're all about

Pinsignia was launched January 1st of 2019 by ShawnTheGirl with help from her fellow staff artists; NutCase, MossFox and Onnanoko.

Right now we're a small group who does a monthly pin club- the dream is much bigger though!

We want to open up a monthly Guest Artist feature where artists can compete to have their pin design made- the winner(s) get 20 pins absolutely free (they just agree not to take the design to another manufacturer for 6 months), and Pinsignia gives a copy to their Patrons as well as sells a few on our site (to help recoup costs). This will give artists who are just starting to try it out, or established artists to test out a new idea. 

We've already opened up for commissions! You can get your own Pinsignia Pal of your character!

If you want to help us reach our goals, and get some awesome pins in the process, go join our Patreon