​How Do I Buy Pins?​

There are 3 ways to buy our pins - Join the Patreon, buy them online via etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/pinsignia), or buy/trade them at a convention we're attending. For the best prices, join our Patreon. You'll also get to vote on what our theme pin is each month.

How Do I Get A Pinsignia Pal of My Own?

Each month the staff artists open for commissions- slots are determined by artist's availability and change month to month. Patrons get early access to open slots on the 1st of every month and a discount. Slots that are left are open to the public on the 5th of every month. The easiest way to get a slot is to join our Patreon, but you can wait till the 5th each month - Public slots will be announced on our Twitter.

How Will Guest Artist Work?

Guest Artist, once open, will be a monthly contest. The number of winners will be determined by how many Pinsignia can afford. Artist will submit their designs to be voted on, and the winner will be treated like one of the Staff Artist - they get 20 free copies of their pin, the Patrons get a copy, and Pinsignia gets a few to sell to re-coup costs. When Guest Artist opens there will be a submission link here and monthly announcements made on our Patreon and Twitter. Anybody can submit a design, results of the vote will be passed along to the contestants- even if you don't win, its an opportunity to see if people would like your design!

What Size Are The Pins?

Monthly pins are 1.5" at their largest diameter. Pinsignia Pals are 1.5" or 2" depending on what the customer orders.

When Are Pins Shipped?

Monthly Pins are shipped as soon as they arrive. Sadly with all the things going on overseas, delays have become somewhat frequent. We're doing out best to get on a mid-month delivery schedule.

How Much Are Pins?

Patrons pay $10 per pin and this includes shipping*. The public pays $12 per pin, plus shipping when needed. You can also trade pins with our artists at Pin Trading events, however they are limited to the pins they made.

*There is a Canadian Tier with an additional shipping charge.
Thank you for shopping with us!